Homemade Cakes

Usually we have one or two homemade chakes available, to enjoy with your tea or coffee.

homemade Matcha Roulade in Salzburg

Cake is a really scrumptious thing, especially together with one of our fine teas or a cup of our Cuban coffee. Of course it's not just any cake, but homemade goodness!

Linzer cake at RealiTea Salzburg

Our cakes we bake ourselves - either modern fusion recipes like Japanese cheese cake or matcha roulade - or we dig them up in our ancient, partially handwritten family heritage cookbooks. Bishop's bread for instance or my mom's apple cake. (My all time favourite by the way - working a day next to that one requires more willpower than a dwarf needs next to a keg of ale!)

Japanese cheese cake in Salzburg

We are a family and we bake at home, so sometimes the days can get quite stressful. If we really cannot make it to baking a cake, we get some pastries or croissants from our traditional bakery. That happens rarely, but it happens.

Patries and croissants from the local bakery

During winter, we also have biscuits and cookies. Here, too, we try to keep up our Eurasian fusion mix - Taiwanese pineapple biscuits for instance, or Austrian Linzer eyes? Yep, it pays off to drop by from time to time. Even if we don't feature a huge selection (that would only result on food wastage), there might be something waiting just for you.

Taiwanese pineapple biscuits in Salzburg

Here we feature a Gugelhupf, a typical Austrian type of cake - from the outside and from the inside:

Homemade Austrian Gugelhupf in Salzburg

Marbled Austrian Gugelhupf cake for tea or coffee

Or what about a really juice poppy seed cake?

Juicy, homemade poppy seed cake

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Homemade CakesHomemade Cakes
Usually we have one or two homemade chakes available, to enjoy with your tea or coffee.
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Avanova Design stands for handmade fashion jewellery, bags and accessories. Our physical shop RealiTea however is not only an ethnic boutique in Salzburg, but especially a tea house where you can enjoy a pot of excellent tea in our cozy corner.