Our menu changes with the seasons, so best would be you check out the blackboard behind the counter. However, many of our drinks will be available throughout the year.

Warm Drinks


  • Espresso 2.30v
  • Americano 2.50v
  • Cappuccino 3.50ov
  • Latte Macchiato 3.80ov
  • Einspänner (espresso+whipped cream)2.60
  • Baileys Coffee single/double 4.30/5.50
  • ++ Extra shot espresso 1.40

Other warm drinks

  • Matcha Latte 4.20ov
  • Matcha Latte with red beans 4.50ov
  • Chai Latte 3.80ov
  • Dirty Chai (Chai with extra shot espresso) 5.20
  • Hot Cacao 3.80ov
  • ++ Whipped cream 0.50


  • Cup of Tea (Tea bags: peppermint, 12herbs, Earl Grey, camomile) 2.10v
  • Cup of Tea ( loose leaf teas according to tea menu) 3.50v
  • Pot of Tea (loose leaf teas according to tea menu, pick your pot, multiple infusions f.o.c.) 6.90v

Cold Drinks

  • Classic Bubble Tea 4.50ov
  • Thai Bubble Tea 4.50
  • Tiger milk (milk, brown sugar, tapioca) 4.50ov
  • Matcha Bubble Tea 5.00ov
  • Matcha Latte with red beans 5.00ov
  • Peach Milk Tea 4.50ov
  • Iced Tea with fruits 4.50v
  • Ice Cappuccino 4.50ov
  • Caramel Ice Cappuccino 4.50ov
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee 4.50
  • Mango Lassi 4.50
  • Espresso Tonic 4.50v


  • Summer Rolls 2.80/pcov
  • Sandwich with regional bread, cheese or sausage1 3.70
  • Homemade Cake 3.80
  • Homemade Muffin 2.50
  • Croissant (plain)1 2.50
  • Croissant (chocolate, jam, spelt)1 2.80
  • Plunder (Austrian pastry)1 3.50
  • Mochi 1.50v<
  • ++ Butter 0.50
  • ++ Jam 0.50
  • ++ Honey 0.50
  • ++ Whipping cream 0.50


Units marked with a V are vegan by nature. Units with OV are also available as a vegan option.
Milky drinks like our lattes can optionally be prepared with oat milk. If anything is uncertain, feel free to ask us.

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