Avanova and RealiTea

Avanova Design stands for handmade fashion jewellery, bags and accessories. Our physical shop RealiTea however is not only an ethnic boutique in Salzburg, but especially a tea house where you can enjoy a pot of excellent tea in our cozy corner.

-> Tea house in Salzburg

Avanova & RealiTea - the little world of lovely things.

Tea room and ethnic shop in Salzburg, Austria

Schallmooser Hauptstraße 21
5020 Salzburg

Matcha Latte with boba or red beans

We love hand made jewellery, interior decoration and fashion accessories. Our strong ties with Vietnam shine through at every corner of our concept.
We also love good tea, that's why you not only can buy a variety of nice teas from China, Vietnam and India, but also order a pot of tea in our small, but cozy shop. Hey, as a tea person you may even take away a cup of your choice of fine leaf tea. This is why we consider ourselves rather a tea house than anything else.

Of course we also have homemade Bubble Tea, Chai Latte, Matcha and other trendy and delicious drinks on the menu - a menu that changes with the seasons, so don't expect the same speciality every time.

The tea house in Salzburg has its own website though:
RealiTea - Really good tea in Salzburg.

Tea specialities and good coffee

Quite rare in a city like Salzburg, where many coffee shops cannot even elevate themselves over the traditional dark and bitter coffee brews that did not change at all during the past decades.
Speaking about coffee - as you may know from older articles, such as My Coffee Adventure, I used to work quite closely with the speciality coffee scene in Vietnam back in the day. So I am very happy to be able to offer good coffee at RealiTea as well.
At the moment we use lightly roasted Cuban Arabica beans - Altura Lavado - to prepare most of our espresso based drinks. What a beautiful smooth taste!

Espresso - Cuban arabica beans, light roast

So without further ado - drop by, enjoy your favourite drink and check out beautiful handmade fashion accessories in a cozy atmosphere.
See you!

RealiTea Salzburg - a lovely, Asian tea house

Avanova & RealiTea Online Shop

Avanova horn jewellery, bags, accessories

Finally we opened our little online shop for the European market - fashion jewellery made of natural horn, hand-woven bags made of sustainable straw or state-of-the-art plastic material for longevity. As well as the one or another fashion accessory to complement your unique style.

Avanova horn jewellery, cuffs and bangles


Here you find jewellery from Austria and around the world. Basically anything that we like and that fits the Avanova style. From simple to complex, from geometrical to bohemian, from tasteful to crazy and from vintage to modern.

We simply love art and jewellery, especially art in jewellery.

We are specialized on hand made jewellery of natural horn. Horn is a great material and I will talk about it in further articles. Our horn jewellery is manufactured in small, family-run businesses we know in person.

Designed with love and sourced in a fair way, our horn products are a must have in any natural style wardrobe. Because this is what we love: Sustainable, fair trade products from natural materials. The foundation of what we think fashion should be.

Enjoy browsing the Avanova online shop!

Avanova horn jewellery, nacklaces

This necklace is made of natural horn from cows and buffaloes, assembled together to reach a beautiful contrast that makes this piece suitable for dark clothing as well as combined with a light outfit. The chain is about 86 cm long and weighs just about 47 grams.

Avanova straw bags


Currently our range contains two types of hand bags: Some made of natural water hyacinth straw, a very sustainable material and the resulting bags really fit with vintage style, boho outfits and traditional costumes alike.
The other type of hand bag we feature is hand-woven of colourful and extremely robust stripes of plastic. One might say plastic is not sustainable, however I need to contradict:

  1. These bags are mostly made of recycled polypropylene.
  2. They are extremely robust and can last for years.
  3. And even when they outlived their use as bags, they can still be used as lovely, colourful flower pots for example.

Avanova plastic bags

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Avanova and RealiTeaAvanova and RealiTea
Avanova Design stands for handmade fashion jewellery, bags and accessories. Our physical shop RealiTea however is not only an ethnic boutique in Salzburg, but especially a tea house where you can enjoy a pot of excellent tea in our cozy corner.
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