When it is getting dark outside...

There are Asian lanterns in all shapes and colours. We, of course, feature the Vietnamese type of lantern, traditionally made in Hoi An of wood, bamboo and silk.

Hoi An lanterns from Vietnam in Salzburg

Nobody can say for sure where the traditional art of making Asian lanterns originates, but the people of Hoi An in Vietnam brought it to a truly masterful level. Travellers from all over the world cannot resist the magic of colours in the picturesque old town. Colours everywhere!

Hoi An Laternen in Vietnam

Here at Avanova and RealiTea, our hearts got enchanted by the traditional arts of our original countries long ago. It was just a matter of time until the first lanterns turned up at our shop.

Asian lantern, teal colour

Especially now at the start of the colder and darker season (I am writing this in October 2022), the little gems are a true heart of joy. I am so happy that I can live and work in a cozy, colourful environment.

buy Asian lanterns in Austria

This blue fairy light however, is not available for sale because it was a gift and it keeps our shop cozy. I mean what is more relaxing than a pot of fragrant Asian tea in a nice atmosphere?

Vietnamese lantern as decoration at the tea house

And here we have a lovely green lantern, one of my favourites in our collection.

Asian lanterns are natural antidepressants

And here is one more picture of a lantern shop in Hoi An:

Beautiful Asian lanterns

Lantern market for the full moon festival

Don't confuse these daily lanterns with the children's lanterns they sell for the moon festival on September full moon. If you want to read more about these bright lantern markets and Chang'e, the moon goddess of Chinese mythology, check out the article about the lantern market!

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