Blue Media - our first Micarta series

Micarta is a very interesting material made of laminated fabric or paper, using resin to create a solid piece for working.

Aleia - Micarta pendant, hand made in Austria

Actually micarta is the name of a US based company that uses this very technique to produce heavy-duty knife scales - the originally intended purpose of this versatile material. Over time micarta established itself as general name for the material or procedure.

The many possibilities of micarta as basic material are outright fascinating and I will immerse myself deeper into this technique once spring arrives, for in winter the crazy lab is cold as the heart of Elizabeth Báthory.

Gerano - Blue Media Micarta Series - Jewellery from Salzburg
Gerano - Blue Media Micarta Series - Art in Salzburg
Contemporary jewellery - Artist based in Salzburg
Aleia - Micarta Pendant, hand made in Austria
Contemporary micarta pendant - jewellery made in Salzburg
Salzburg Jewellery - Contemporary micarta pendant
Modern art as micarta pendant
Micarta jewellery from Salzburg
Contemporary jewellery atelier in Austria

Piece for piece I use solid pieces of micarta to create more pendants and even earrings. Here we have some of the recent creations:

Blue micarta earrings from Austria

Modern art as micarta earrings
Contemporary jewellery from Salzburg
Contemporary jewellery atelier in Austria
Blue jewellery
Contemporary pendant
Atelier Salzburg - modern artsy jewellery

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