Polymer clay earrings

Now that is a lovely material: Polymer clay for jewellery! You knead it, shape it, paint it, bake it. So many opportunities!

Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer clay is one of the most versatile, modern materials for jewellery making. If you know how to treat the stuff, you can shape literally anything, from small sculptures to light switch plates and of course jewellery. The basic techniques are relatively easy to master and you can always step up and create more elaborate designs.

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Polymer clay earrings
Contemporary jewellery from Salzburg
Contemporary jewellery atelier in Austria
Polymer clay art, hand made jewellery

Here I started to experiment with colour blending, textures and mica powders to create a selection of brightly coloured earrings. They are intended to set a stark contrast to our usual, natural colour palette - mostly represented by our horn jewellery.

But sometimes you need something shrill to make a point, right?

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