There is tea at the tea house! Here, our rather exclusive tea menu.

Basically, "RealiTea" was referring to the fact that we use real, proper tea to prepare our bubble teas. But as we opened our little emporium, people started flocking in, asking for green tea, black tea, oolong tea and you name it. It was quite a challenging tast to explain to them that we didn't sell or even serve ... just tea.

Tea House Salzburg

However, for me these people delivered a highly welcome excuse to move into the direction of a tea house. Tea was favourite beverage for an extended period of time, until I started working in speciality coffee and my taste shifted towards coffee rather than tea.

Tea is an incredibly deep and versatile topic, so after refreshing my taste and knowledge, I started to collect a solid base of loose leaf teas from China, Vietnam and India. (I didn't include timestamps in this website, so let's say by the end of May '22 our foundation was set).

A pot of tea is a lovely thing, but it gets even lovelier when enjoyed together with a slice of homemade cake. You bet.

Our current tea sortiment

White teas

White tea

  • Pai Mu Tan - China
  • Mao Feng (Organic) - Vietnam

Green teas

green tea

  • Mao Feng (Bio) - Vietnam (the supplier labelled it as white tea, but I rather think of it as green tea - that's why I list it again under green)
  • Yunnan Green - China
  • Gunpowder "Temple of heaven" - China
  • Sencha - Japan
  • Sencha (organic) - China
  • Jade snail of spring, Suzhou, Jiangsu
  • Japanese sencha in Salzburg

Oolong teas

  • Oolong - China
  • Oolong, Lam Dong highlands, Vietnam

Black teas

Black Tea

What is black tea?

  • Keemun (organic) - China
  • Assam OP - India
  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush, FTGFOP 1 - India
  • Ceylon OP St. James - Sri Lanka
  • Lapsang Souchong, Wuyi-Mountains, Fujian

Puer Teas

Puer Tea

  • Puer Mini Tuo Cha - China
  • Shou (fermented) or sheng (unfermented) puer teas are available as pressed cakes or bricks at the shop, please talk to me for available options)



The way of tea

Quite like my coffee adventure, the way of tea is a long and adventurous one. It starts with the growing areas, varietals, processing, classification, storage, over oxidation, fermentation and ripening (sheng pu er or white tea) all the way to the final brewing. A humongous amount of information that may keep you busy learning for a lifetime.

Tea house Salzburg

Well then...
The plan goes like this: We keep a healthy base range of teas and slowly add interesting specialities step by step.

Running this cozy tea room for me is just another excuse for acquiring more knowledge in this highly interesting field. And maybe, maybe... visiting my beloved Xishuangbanna again, where the old father Mekong is just as wide as our river Salzach. Xishuangbanna, the cradle of all tea culture, even if back then I did not know it yet.

tea drinker

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