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What would the modern online world be without social media? Well, be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... Avanova Design is right there for you.

Mind, we are an Austrian company and since our main market is Austria and Germany, many posts are in German. We try to serve most content in two languages, but sometimes there are obstacles and you may encounter the one or another piece of content in German language.


Several times per week we post pictures, products and other stuff on Facebook. Also if we have news, games, events or contests of some kind, we announce it there!
Avanova Design @ Facebook


Pictures, pictures, pictures! Here most of our content is in English. Instagram is more of an image thing, but I love posting photos of our jewellery, but also landscapes and cityscapes of our beautiful hometown Salzburg.
Avanova Design @ Instagram


Since there are image tweets around, it's much more interesting to post on Twitter as well. Now, we are not too active there as of now, but who knows what the future brings?
Avanova Design @ Twitter


Nice and visually attractive is Pinterest. We have some nice boards with different interests, but it mostly works as a source of inspiration. Nonetheless, if you like our style and collect different fashion ideas, be our guest!
Avanova Design @ Pinterest


Primarily we host our mini clips for showing off single pieces of jewellery from different angles. Now, most of the clips are unlisted, because they are embedded in the shop. A few videos however may be interesting, but nothing that is not embedded somewhere on our websites.
Avanova Design @ YouTube

Relaxed Frog

And since we need some sort of final word in this article, feel free to join our relaxed frog, meditating over our floral, hand-carved autumn bangle:

Relaxed Frog meditating over a beautiful bangle

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Avanova Design - excellent horn jewellery, lovely hand made bags and other fashion accessories that suit our - and hopefully your - taste.
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Brown is down-home, persistent and solid, but also warm and cuddly. We often associate brown with tasty, aromatic coffee, freshly baked bread or sweet, sweet chocolate.
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Teardrop shaped horn earringsTeardrop shaped horn earrings
Natural horn is strong, resilient and feather-light. With its interesting, naturally grown grain, horn is a great resource for creating lovely horn jewellery.