Hand made horn bracelets

A lovely bracelet is a gift that contains a long tradition of gifting jewellery to somebody.

hand made horn bracelets by Avanova Design

While horn jewellery itself is a great idea for a present, bracelets are something special. We have a variety of different designs and natural horn colours to choose from.

beautiful horn cuffs

Our products are hand made by experienced artisans from cow & buffalo horn, sanded and polished to a silky shine.

beautiful horn and resin jewellery

While most horn cuffs and bracelets on our shelves are 100% natural, some are decorated with contrasting designs in resin. Eye catching, you bet!

a vast variety of designs at our online shop

In our online shop, we offer a vast variety of designs. Just pick what appeals to you the most - I bet it's gonna fit you very well if you follow your heart!

shipping to europe

While Avanova Design is based in Salzburg, Austria, we ship to all European countries.

based in austria

Horn is a natural, regrowing resource and a byproduct of cattle farming. Most horns are shredded and turned into natural fertilizer. Exceptionally beautiful horns however become jewellery, weapons or objects of utility since the dawn of mankind.

horn jewellery is the perfect gift

Horn is very light, springy, formable and shows a beautiful, silky shine when polished properly. The natural grain makes every single item unique. Like a thousand years ago, our horn products are handmade in a tedious process step by step. Cutting, forming, sanding, polishing – so many steps are required to turn a raw horn into a lovely piece of jewellery. Fortunately nowadays some of our tools are electric.

horn is light and natural, a byproduct of cattle farming

Since in Europe most cattle gets de-horned after birth, the most beautiful horns come from Africa or South America. Some of our horns are from the domesticated Asian water buffalo Bubalus bubalis, an animal essential to Southeast Asian farmers quite like tractors are to ours.

horn bracelets Salzburg, Austria

For the reason of wildlife conservation, we don’t use horns from wild animals at Avanova.

horn cuffs in Austria

Like our own hair and fingernails, your horn item loves some care from time to time. For that purpose, just use a drop of cooking oil and a soft piece of cloth to rub it down.

elegant snake bangle

We wish you long lasting joy with your precious horn piece from Avanova.

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