Pictures in the forest

I love a relaxing forest walk - and since we run our little jewellery business, I always bring a few pieces along and (at least) one camera.

Of course I could make space for a studio corner to take product pictures, but that's something I reserve for winter. Right now I love going out too much and besides, I think our natural horn jewellery looks best in a natural environment.

Here for example, our lovely snake charmer bangle - expertly hand carved from a piece of light coloured horn. This is one of my wife's favourite pieces - now resting on an old tree trunk like a coiled up snake sunbathing.

Snake charmer's bracelet sunbathing in the wild

And now it's even hanging in the trees to drop on clueless fashionistas at the right moment! Can't trust them bracelets nowadays, now can ya?

Snake charmer's bangle in the wild

And this absolutely stunning necklace, the alternating links hand-carved from black and white horns. Here it's resting on a moss pillow right next to the deer path.

Black and white horn necklace

Here, hanging in the trees again, a set of 7 thin, light coloured horn bangles, gently stirring in the breeze. They are also available in darker horn, depending on your style preferences.

Light, thing horn bangles

I guess that's enough for today, there will be other articles and photo sessions though. If you like our horn jewellery, make sure to check out our jewellery shop, our social media channels and if you're really into it, register for our monthly newsletter.
See ya!

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